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Salman Behbehani- Teaching Animals Magic Tricks

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Salman Behbehani 2022 New Year’s Resolution – One New Card Trick a Day

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Salman Behbehani and the delicate topic of Card Tricks and Children

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Salman Behbehani: Christmas the magic if the Season.

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Salman Behbehani: Choose a card

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Salman Behbehani 52 cards in a deck.

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Salman Behbehani Card Tricks

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Salman Behbehani Card Pack Color Change

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Salman Behbehani Card Tricks- Is this your card? Or this?

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  • Salaman Behbehani Shares A CBC Announcement - Best Magicians Now In Canada
    Salman Behbehani shares what is dubbed 'Olympics for Magicians,' 2 Canadians are competing for top prize. Listen to this CBC article covering the thousands of magicians from more than 50 countries who are at this one-of-a-kind competition, where 110 magicians are hoping to claim the coveted grand prix along with the title of world's top magician.
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  • Salman Behbehani Shares- Women Show Why Magic Has Been Missing A Trick.
    Salman Behbehani shares a lesser known side or "hidden" side of the world of magic: Women Magicians! Kayla Drescher is just that and has what to say about her place in the profession. Originally appeared as an Inquirer article:
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  • Salman Behbehani - Tricks Of The Trade Poker Face Or Sleight Of Hand.
    Are you dying to know the tricks of his/her trade as it were? When watching a magic performance, what questions plague you? Salman Behbehani always gets a laugh how his magic card tricks can leave the audience wondering: a poker face or a sleight of hand?
    Read more
  • Salman Behbehani - 2022 New Year’s Resolution – One New Card Trick A Day.
    It's "that time of the year" and Salman Behbehani like some of us is determined to follwo through on his 2022 New Year Resolution- One new card trick a day.
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  • Salman Behbehani And The Delicate Topic Of Card Tricks And Children.
    Magic Card Tricks and Children? Not for this particular Magician. Salman Behbehani's repertoire is one a little sophisticated and not really suitable for the young or kids. He loves kids & loves Magic, but together???
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  • Salman Behbehani- Easy To Perform Card Tricks.
    Salman Behbehani shares some "easy to perform" Magic Card Tricks, for those budding Card Magicians. First of the Card Tricks is called: The Prediction. You- the magician predict the relevant card before the trick even begins. More details? Just listen in.
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  • Salman Behbehani Magic At Kids Birthday Parties.
    Salman Behbehani is a travelling Magician, his unique Card Tricks and manipulation are the source of his travel expenses. He is hired to perform his card tricks all over the world. One type of Gig that Salman Behbehani refuses and has been known to "disappear" from- Children's Birthday Parties. Behbehani has had some enlightening experiences with Kid audiences and has weaned himself off of the Kids scene and is exclusively an adult performer- not because of the Magic Show, but because of the audience! Listen to how others have taken magic and literally used it on themselves to transform, like the student magician: Cat Lee who is featured in the story. #salmanbehbehani #cardtricks #magiccardtricks #travelingmagician #poker-face
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  • Salman Behbehani & Cool Trick.We Asked A Magician How A Beginner Can Get Into Card Tricks
    Salman Behbehani shares a CBC article for those looking into Magic for the first time and want to know a little more. Julie Eng gives the answers. For the entire CBC article:
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  • Salman Behebhani Presents - David Copperfields New Book
    Salman Behbehani is humbled to present a short sample of the David Copperfield new book: History of Magic. Originally an article in Cnet:
    Read more
  • Salman Behbehani - Joker: Playing Card
    Salman Behbehani takes a look at Joker cards and brings us the Wikipedia definition of Joker (playing card) Also appeared as a Medium post:
    Read more
  • Salman Behbehani And TIKTOK - MAGICIAN’S - SLICK - TRICKS
    Magic 2021? Less "frontal magic" and more oline. Salman Behbehani has himself been affected by both technology & the world pandemic of Covid 19. Business is not what is used to be. I too have a TikTok account but only getting warmed up: Originally an article in Medium:
    Read more
  • Salman Behbehani Traveling Magician On Jet Lag.
    Traveling Magician Salman Behbehani’s Take on Jet Lag. In this article, traveling magician Salman Behbehani talks about some of his trials and how he has overcome them, paving the way for a more peaceful, well-adjusted life. Originally an article on Salman's Medium:
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  • Salman Behbehani & The Trailblazing Australian Women Who Showed Magic Was Not Just For Men.
    Salman Behbehani shares an ABC article about Women & Magic. When we think about [the development of modern stage magic], we may think of women as 'just assistants' … But there were women who were performers and magicians in their own right,
    Read more
  • Salman Behbehani-The Rochdale Schoolboy With Over 7milion Followers On TikTok.
    Salman Behbehani shares an inspiring story about a young magician who like Behbehani focusses on Magic Card Tricks. He has built a huge following on TikTok and describes his life as a Magician.
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  • Salman Behbehani Explains, ‘The Power Of Four’.
    Magic is fascinating and cannot be learned in a day- Tak Harry Potter for example- I'm still catching up with all the movie episodes! You need a Poker-face, confidence and the ability to pull off the trick flawlessly. One single weakness, falter or dropped card and you are looking to do your own disappearance trick! Keep it simple at first- The Power of Four"
    Read more
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