Salman Behbehani

Salman Behbehani (born September 5, 1987 in Michigan) is a professional traveling magician, with a focus on card tricks.  Based these days mainly in San Diego, pre-pandemic he decided to take a gamble and rent out his home for six months of the year.  During that time he went on the road performing magic shows and the other half of the year on a plane traveling to various exotic destinations to display a wide array of magic shows.  Spanning six out of seven continents, on one occasion Behbehani spent an entire month in Namibia, performing card tricks in Soussvlei.  There – in early 2000 – his gamble paid off and he made many networking connections which led to his work in Zambia!

Behbehani first developed a passion for magic when he was just four years old.  At the time, he learned the ‘pick a card, any card’ trick just from taking careful note at the entertainer at a friend’s party he attended and took a gamble by asking him to repeat the trick 10 times!  From that moment on he captivated many audiences, beginning with his younger brother, cousins, parents and grandparents.  He believes he even got the family dog intrigued by his performances at one point!

It was when Behbehani became a teenager and left for college that he started to become a hodophile (which is a term he learned in a college English Lit. class that means “one who loves to travel”).  He read many books by Agatha Christie and was fascinated by the countries she herself visited, which included Australia, Canada and Hawaii.  These were three of the first places Behbehani visited on what he now refers to as his Magical Mystery Tour.